Small Business Secuity Phone Apps

You may recall our previous small business phone apps post was about communication applications – this time around we are focusing on security. With the high number of hacker breaches making the news lately, make sure you keep your mobile device safe using one of the options below:

AVG Security

Small Business Secuity Phone Apps

Device Availability: Android, Windows, iPhone (AVG PrivacyFix)
Cost: FREE (with premium option)
Download Size: 14.18MB
Rating: 4.4/5

AVG needs no introductions as far as digital security goes – and it’s no different for mobile devices. They offer a fantastic option of services at a permium rate, but their FREE version keeps you safe from the most standard threats. Each app (and each app update) is scanned before installation to ensure security regarding privacy, viruses, theft, etc.

AVG even offers device performance diagnostics & optimization which can help in improving functionality of your phone or tablet, or on the other hand, help improve battery life.

McAfee Mobile Security

Device Availability: Android, Windows, iPhone, BlackBerry
Cost: FREE (with premium option)
Download Size: 10.25MB
Rating: 4.3/5

Similar to AVG, McAfee is well know in the PC industry for it’s security services. Now that same security has been translated into mobile devices; providing quality malware protection across multiple platforms (more device availability than AVG).

Some people have complained about buggy functionalities with existing phone apps (what isn’t nowadays) but overall it seems to work just fine for majority of users. Premium options are available in addition to the free version of the app.

360 Mobile Security

Device Availability: Android, iPhone
Cost: FREE
Download Size: 11.72MB
Rating: 4.6/5

While this app is only available for Android & iPhone devices it is very highly rated by it’s users – and it is an app I use on my own device. All of the features which more establish security brands offer at a premium rate are offered for FREE by 360 Mobile Security.

Security scans all files and applications on the phone much like it’s more known competitors. The user interface for phone battery improvement and device performance optimization is easy to understand, making it extremely easy to customize features based on your own personal use.


Device Availability: Android, iPhone
Cost: FREE (with premium option)
Download Size: 9.55MB
Rating: 4.4/5

Quiet similar to AVG and McAfee this app comes free of cost with an option to upgrade to premium via in-app purchases. This one does seem to include slightly more free features than the previous too and provides all of the basics you might need.

If you want extra secure browsing and faster updates – make sure to upgrade to get the full version. For most basic security needs you can rely on the free version.


Personally I like the 360 Mobile Security app: full features are free, has great optimization and file maintenance functions. Give each a try and see what works best for you. However, for the other 3 options be prepared to upgrade to a full version if you want the “whole package”.

Have any apps not listed here?

Let us know in the comment section & help your fellow small business professionals.

Written by Nem Radenovic
Marketing professional dedicated to learning & developing new ways to help businesses build their brand. In my spare time I keep active with basketball/volleyball, explore new travel destinations & read anything from fantasy to classic literature.