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Impact of COVID19 on Canadian Small Businesses

Early in 2020, before COVID19 shut everything down I put together a statistical overview of Canada's small business landscape - little did I know that would get turned upside down with a global pandemic. So here is an update to that original Canadian small business industry stat posts after a few months of COVID impact: (more…)

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2020 Canadian Small Business Stats

**UPDATE: 2020 stats with COVID19 impact Canada's economic mix involves a heavy focus on small businesses. Whether you have a general curiosity in understanding how small business make-up our overall economy or need data on how to improve the focus of your own business, these statistics will provide some interesting discoveries. This post breaks down small business ...

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Small Business Online Marketing on a Budget

What is the biggest challenge for small businesses in respect to online marketing? Budget. It is often the last piece considered when planning business funds. Understandably so - not many businesses have the time, expertise or resources to put towards online marketing. However, that does not mean that it should be overlooked or ignored. I am sure by now that ...

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