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Welcome stranger! This small business digital marketing blog is meant to share ideas, thoughts and resources that ultimately shine the spotlight on SMBs. Content focuses heavily on Canadian small business, but it does occasionally expand on broader small biz subjects beyond marketing and Canadian borders.

I encourage you to read, share and most importantly engage with topics that are of interest. Comment section is an easy way for business owners, industry professionals and other publishers to connect with each other. I monitor activity regularly and chime in on all comments. All that I ask is that conversation remains civil and you refrain from spamming links or promotions in the comments – there are better ways to promote your business!

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Finding a Chatbot for Small Business - NR Digital Branding

Creating a Chatbot for Small Business Needs

Chatbots have made a huge impact in delivering instant information in the digital world. Is there a right chatbot solution for small business organizations? Does it really make sense for locally owned organizations? It absolutely does - and closely considering what (1) type of information, (2) how much information, (3) ...
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How to Find Good Employees for a Small Business

How to Find Good Employees for Small Business

As someone who has worked for a number of small organizations (and not too long ago, joined a large global employer) I can tell you that there are a number of benefits of working for small businesses. While big brands are offering talent a plethora of compensation perks, small organizations ...
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Small Business Resilience Canada

Local Small Business Resilience Examples

What a year 2020 has been huh? No better resilience test for locally owned, small businesses than a global pandemic and ever changing social distancing measures. Depending on the region you're in, lockdowns have affected small businesses significantly. One thing is for sure: it's getting hard to operate and compete ...
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COVID19 Small Business Impact Stats

Impact of COVID19 on Canadian Small Businesses

Early in 2020, before COVID19 shut everything down I put together a statistical overview of Canada's small business landscape - little did I know that would get turned upside down with a global pandemic. So here is an update to that original Canadian small business industry stat posts after a ...
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How to Transition Your Business Online

How to Transition Your Business Online

With all the big tech companies making the news on working from home transitions and "shifting" online, have you been asking yourself on how you could transition your business online. It starts with researching your customer preferences, evaluate technology solutions and establishing ongoing training and development. Think of this digital-first ...
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