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Welcome stranger! This small business digital marketing blog is meant to share ideas, thoughts and resources that ultimately shine the spotlight on SMBs. Content focuses heavily on Canadian small business, but it does occasionally expand on broader small biz subjects beyond marketing and Canadian borders.

I encourage you to read, share and most importantly engage with topics that are of interest. Comment section is an easy way for business owners, industry professionals and other publishers to connect with each other. I monitor activity regularly and chime in on all comments. All that I ask is that conversation remains civil and you refrain from spamming links or promotions in the comments – there are better ways to promote your business!

2020 Canadian Small Business Stats

2020 Canadian Small Business Stats

**UPDATE: 2020 stats with COVID19 impact Canada's economic mix involves a heavy focus on small businesses. Whether you have a general curiosity in understanding how small business make-up our overall economy or need data on how to improve the focus of your own business, these statistics will provide some interesting ...
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Should Your Business Be Paying for Ads?

Should Your Business Pay to Advertise on Google?

While PPC advertising, like Google Ads, requires regular spend to reach an audience it can be a key digital marketing channel for small businesses trying to convert targeted sets of customers at the right buying stage. A question I often get from customers is if their business should pay to ...
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Should My Business Pay to be Listed on Yellow Pages?

Should My Business Pay to Be Listed on Yellow Pages?

The answer is no. As far as SEO is concerned, your business DOES NOT need to pay to be listed on Yellow Pages. This is a question that comes up often when I talk to small businesses about their online marketing efforts. Majority of business owners receive phone calls from ...
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Social Media Customer Service

Why SMBs Fall Short With Social Media Customer Service

When you think of social media for business purposes what comes to mind? Most likely marketing or outreach efforts. As business professionals we've been conditioned to associate social networks with sales and marketing. In reality, social platforms can be much more than that. They can provide a critical element to ...
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Basics of Creating Small Business Websites

Basics of Creating a Small Business Website

Not all websites are created equal. Not all website platforms are created equal. With such a large variety of website design options  - small businesses are often faced with conflicting information on what would be the best web direction for their organizations. Should you do it yourself (Wix)? Should you ...
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